How to prepare a Monitoring Framework?

A Monitoring Framework is an outline of measuring the progress toward achieving the goals and objectives of a project. The framework articulates the relationship among factors that determine the successful completion of a program. It accommodates several components including project aim, objective, goal, implementation, determinants, outcome and so forth.

To prepare a workable Monitoring Framework, we should consider the following features:

  1. Clarity among goals, means of verification, and project outcomes.
  2. Continuous instructions to follow up monitoring indicators.
  3. Field investigation.
  4. Timely reporting.

Clarity among monitoring components

The project components should be demonstrated in monitoring frameworks with clear elaboration. For example, if a team aims at monitoring the implementation and progress of an SRH project, there must be distinct definition of what specific aspect of SRH progress it is going to achieve. As there are several context in society, a definite indication is crucial, otherwise it may lead to unnecessary workload.

Continuous tracking of indicators 

Monitoring is a continuous process that tracks various indicators. Hence, it consistently maps project project activities in line with goals and objectives. If there are gaps in the process, a new learning may be missed which eventually degrades a effective strategic outcome.

Field investigation

A rigorous field investigation is the key to an effective monitoring framework. To do so, proper data collection method should be utilized. The Monitoring Officer should determine whom to be interviewed, how to verify the information, whether to conduct formal or informal investigation and so forth.

Timely reporting

On time reporting is important in the monitoring framework as it ensures the evidence of all process. This reporting is often called “Quarterly Report”, “Periodic Report”, “Progress Report” etc. A standard monitoring report draws actual scenario of the project while also provides some handful recommendations.


Structure of a Monitoring Framework

A monitoring framework consists of two basic lines – vertical line and horizontal line. The vertical line usually entails project goal, objective, output and outcome where horizontal line demonstrates indicator, target, measuring tool, frequency and so forth. The upcoming monitoring report will build relations with this line. Below is an example of monitoring framework.

Monitoring Framework
Monitoring Framework


You can add more other components according to your project design. Importantly, you should keep in mind that there are acute differences between outcome and output, or outcome and impact. I will clarify it, I will write another blog. I explained Action Research in my previous write-up. Finally, your monitoring should not merely be a written scrip, rather is should be practical and be able to be understood via theory of change.

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