Unveiling the Mysteries: Theory, Theoretical Framework, and Conceptual Framework!

Researchers often use the terms theory, theoretical framework, and conceptual framework interchangeably, which can lead to confusion. But fear not! Let’s embark on an exhilarating illustration to untangle these concepts and shed light on their distinct roles. Theory: A theory is a cohesive set of interconnected ideas, concepts, definitions, and propositions that explain or predict…Read More

How I cracked AGRTP Scholarship at the Australian National University!

On 10th October 2023, I received an email that contains the status of scholarship outcome at the Australian National University. Truly, at his time, I did not have much knowledge on the scholarship in Australia. Particularly, the AGRTP scholarship which covers full tuition fee, Health Insurance and a smart living stipend! Anyway, a few days…Read More

How to prepare a Monitoring Framework?

A Monitoring Framework is an outline of measuring the progress toward achieving the goals and objectives of a project. The framework articulates the relationship among factors that determine the successful completion of a program. It accommodates several components including project aim, objective, goal, implementation, determinants, outcome and so forth. To prepare a workable Monitoring Framework,…Read More

How to get published in an academic journal?

Getting published in an academic journal is highly appreciable. Especially, those who are aiming at pursuing a Ph.D. must need a publication with a relevant topic. But, it’s a challenging journey to get published in an academic journal. Even if you overcome the primary jump and create a valuable thought or piece of research- how…Read More