10 Blogs on International Relations and World Affairs for University Students

International Relations and World Affairs is a popular topic nowadays. As we are living in the era of an interconnected world, an event happening in a part of the world has an impact on another part. Besides, the excellent pace of information and technology eased the means of communication. People tend to get informed of global issues. As a result, it also receives ample rigor in the academic sphere. In this article, I am going to list 10 Blogs on International Relations and World Affairs that publish articles and arranges various programs regularly.


Harvard International Review

About Blog: The Harvard International Review is a quarterly magazine that features articles on Agriculture, Business, Cybersecurity, Defense, Education, Employment & Immigration, Energy & Environment, Finance & Economics, Public Health, Science & Technology, Space, Trade, etc. It also covers discussion based on regions such as the US, Europe, Asia, Middle East & Africa, Americas, Oceania, etc.

Publisher: Harvard International Relations Council at Harvard University

Submission guideline: It publishes 4 types of articles- Global Notebook articles, Blogpost articles, Cover articles, and Solicited Articles (Interviews and Perspectives). Global Notebook format focuses on a particular event elaborating the detailed perspectives of discussion with deep analysis and research. The word range is 1200-2000. The blogpost article basically delivers readers with a direct, systematic analysis that breaks down an event or phenomenon. This format is great for stories that have gone under the news radar. The word range of blogpost is 700-1000. The cover article emphasizes underappreciated topics from novel perspectives rather than current topics. In essence, it is a longer global notebook piece that relates to the cover topic. The word range is 1600-2200. The Solicited Articles (Interviews and Perspectives) is the interview undertaken by the editorial team.

Submission email: eics@hir.harvard.edu


E-International Relations

About Blog: E-International Relations is the world’s driving international relations site with everyday distributions of interesting content pointed at scholastics, common intrigued readers, and students. The website was established in 2007 by Dr. Stephen McGlinchey. Dr. Stephen McGlinchey is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of E-International Relations and Senior Lecturer of International Relations at UWE Bristol.

Submission guideline: E-IR publishes 3 types of writings: article, review, and interview. The types of articles are 2 kinds: Scholarly articles and Opinion pieces. The length of the scholarly article is generally between 2000–3500 words. This type of article is only considered for emerging and established academics or practitioners such as Ph.D. researchers. And opinion pieces (guide length 750–1500 words) are received from academics and practitioners/experts that reflect on topical/newsworthy issues.

Submission email: articles@e-ir.info


Voice of International Affairs

About Blog: Voice of International Affairs is an open-source platform that publishes content on global issues such as international politics, diplomacy, foreign policy, human rights, and so on. The platform started its journey in 2016 and the founder is Sherajul Mustajib Sharif (known as Sharif Mustajib). Besides, it also provides an online blogging internship facility to novice practitioners.

Submission guideline: It publishes analytical articles on several topics. The article should be research-oriented, analytical, and unique. The word limit is 1500-3500. An abstract consists of 200 words should be included.

Submission email: contact.internationalaffairsbd@gmail.com


International Affairs Forum

About Blog: International Affairs Forum is a Washington-based publication and a wing of the Center for International Relations think tank. Their articles mainly focus on various aspects of international affairs, intelligence, and economics views and information.

Submission guideline: It receives unsolicited articles, editorials, and scholarly papers for publication. Editorials should be approximately 700 to 1000 words, longer essays should be no longer than approximately 3000 words in length. To get published, it emphasizes analytical, responsive, and politically impartial essays.

Submission email: editor@ia-forum.org



About Blog: IndraStra Global stands for “Strategic Information Services Company”, primarily centralized on info-driven academic research. It covers a wide range of topics such as food and agriculture, energy, technology, aviation, etc.

Submission guideline: It strictly follows the high-quality and non-plagiarized policy. There is a form an author has to fill up to submit an article. The file should be in pdf format and the font size is 12. The submission can be four types: Featured/Exclusive (Max. 1500 Words), Opinions (Max. 1500 Words), Situational Reports/Insights (Max. 2500 Words), Research Papers / Whitepapers / eBooks (5000 Words and above). It generally takes 5 to 7 days to respond.

Submission email: Submit the article through this form



About Blog: Oxford Politics (OxPol) is one of the renowned blogs hosted by the Department of Politics and International Relations, the University of Oxford. The senior students of the department lead the editorial team. It encourages evidence-based analytics and academically rigorous article.

Submission guideline: It receives a short piece of submission. The word range is 500-1000 but they prefer 750 approximately. You can put the references as a hyperlink. The article should be followed by an abstract of 100 words.

Submission email: blog@politics.ox.ac.uk



About Blog: Young Initiative for Foreign Affairs and International Relations (IFAIR) is a Europe-based youth-led think tank that covers political debates. Their work title is “Think, Learn, Act”. The article of the platform delivers a contemporary paradigm of politics within the debate of theory and practice.

Submission guideline: It publishes two types of articles: Short article and analytical article. The short article should be less than 500 words. It generally covers policy brief, book or video review, interviews, etc. The analytical article discusses broader critical perspectives, theory, and practice, international political debate, etc. It should be within 1500 words.

Submission email: johanna.hartzgoiteom@ifair.eu


Ethics and International Affairs

About Blog: Ethics and International Affairs is a publication of Cambridge University. It has two wings. One covers formal research articles (print version) and another accepts informal blog articles. The aim of the platform is to reduce the gap between theory and practice regarding philosophy, religion, and social science. It also includes some other aspects such as human rights, global economy, environment, etc.

Submission guideline: For the online version, it accepts two types of submission: Exclusive Essay and Book Symposia. For the exclusive essay type, you should send an original, jargon-free, and clearly illustrated article within a maximum of 2000 words. For the Book Symposia type article, it is an introductory essay of approximately 1,500 words by the book author(s) summarizing the major arguments of the book, along with responses of 1,000 to 1,500 words each from three to five scholars.

Submission email: journal@cceia.org


The Diplomatist

About Blog: The Diplomatist is an online magazine having analytical content on international relations and foreign affairs. It covers a wide range of topics on global politics. The platform is an initiative of Delhi-based L.B. Associates- a contract publishing house.

Submission guideline: It receives articles for both online and print versions. They highly emphasize the original article with fresh discussion. The title should be simple. You can also use subheadings to construct your article. Relevant image, data should be sent with reference.

Submission email: kbatra@lbassociates.com


Science Diplomacy

About Blog: Science Diplomacy is an excellent blog finds twist between science and diplomacy. The blog explores the diplomatic perspectives of science. Center for Science Diplomacy of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) publishes the blog.

Submission guideline: It accepts three types of submissions: Perspectives, Articles, and Letter from Field. Perspectives is a serial publication that gradually appears in 3 to 7 issues. Each article consists of 2500 words. Article type is a research-based piece made up of 5000 words. Letters are about 1,500 words and should reflect more personal and anecdotal stories.

Submission email: editor@sciencediplomacy.org


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